Unsurpassable features

FileIce incorporates a wide range of useful tools dedicated to helping you promote your files, save time and effort, and analyze your statistics in order to maximize your conversion rates. We are constantly making adjustments to our site, optimizing it to perform at its maximum best for our affiliates, as well as developing new features and tools. Click here to see more.

Advanced Premium account system

Our Premium accounts use a credit based system where downloaders pay according to how many files they wish to download (credits). This system completely bypasses the abuse of premium accounts that are being shared between multiple users, or used in auto-downloaders. Click here to see more.

Easy and rewarding network

Offering not only a high converting survey delievery formula that ensures the best payout rates each and every single time, FileIce also offers the easiest surveys to complete, with additional international survey support. Sit back and relax, and let us do all the work for you today.

Easy layout

Navigate around our site with a smooth jQuery powered user friendly interface, and instantly view important data such as your earnings, referral statistics, and latest announcements and news.

Live statistics

Our user dashboard contains an AJAX powered self-updating live statistics widget that shows your daily and monthly earnings in REAL time, along with the server time.

Custom ticket support

Contact us if you have any problems with our custom email inbox styled ticket system, and easily track the status of the ticket.

FileIce chat

Socialise with other FileIce affiliates on our AJAX chat, ask for quick instant support, and discuss other topics.

Advanced charts

View a graphical representation of your daily activity, earnings breakdown, and file statistics breakdown on our Fusion Chart powered flash charts.

Detailed file statistics

View impressions, clicks, downloads, CTR, and EPC for each individual file every single day, and also view old data from previous days.

Earnings breakdown

View how much you've earned seperately from downloads, referrals, and premium sales on a chart.

Daily traffic breakdown

Find out where all your daily traffic is coming from, and view data from previous days.

Advanced referral breakdown

[open beta] View how much each of your referrals have earned daily, monthly, and in total, and order your referrals according to earnings or date joined.

Flash uploader

Use our flash uploader to rapidly upload your files to our server. Supports bulk uploading.

File linking

[coming soon] Store your files on another server instead and 'link' your files to our file manager. (Direct links only)

Advanced file manager

Order your files by date, downloads, name, or ID. Easily view and edit your file name and description, and instantly delete unwanted files.

Widget system

Generate and customize jQuery powered file gateways to put on your own website to increase conversion rates and CTR.

Automatic survey rotation formula

Our self updating survey delivery system dynamically generates a list of surveys based on several criterias to ensure maximum conversion rates. The performace of each survey is monitored, recorded and utilized in real time.

Completely bypass proof technology

In order for a file to unlock, we must confirm first whether or not our advertisers have alerted us to the completion of the survey. The file will not unlock until a confirmation entry is made in our database.

Smooth AJAX checking system

Our gateway smoothly and automatically checks for the completion of a survey using AJAX requests. The gateway does not have any annoying self refreshing iframes. (Note: the file does not automatically unlock when the AJAX request returns positive. There are several more checks in place.)